Future Becomes Past


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therocket Great album all the way through. Strap yourself in on a spaceship ride right back to the 70s, This album has it all great vocals and guitars and composition. The Voaygers song is simply epic. One of the best albums I've heard in a while. Favorite track: Voyagers.
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released March 15, 2019


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REDWOLVES Malmö, Sweden

Copenhagen based Heavy Psych Rockers REDWOLVES, who just recently signed with powerhouse label Argonauta Records, have releaseshow their debut album 'Future Becomes Past'! This is the band's first full-length saw the light of day on March 15th 2019

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Track Name: Plutocracy
Drifting carelessly helplessly
In a river of lethargy
Busy trying to escape
From the dull reality

Desentisizing diet keeps us quiet
And compliant
While the cortex hibernates
Soaked in red and blue and green

See our faces clearer, a thousand mirrors
Draw us nearer
Feed us only our own dreams
At the very speed of light

No way to stop oppression and obsession
with aggression
When the people in the streets
Can’t agree on what to fight

In your hibernation
All your rights are taken away
You let the Well-offs have your share

Dreaming of rebellion
But doing neatly what they say
You’re too numb to really care

Side by side
We stand alone
Denyin’ our common destiny

In the end
We will see
The triumph of plutocracy
Track Name: Rigid Generation
You can’t hide your joy when you listen to yourselves
Talking about right and wrong
You pretend to be wise,
But you’ve spent all your lives
Learning how to sing along

You fit your surroundings to keep you
In a satisfying lie
You keep your eyes closed ‘cause seeing the truth
Will just give you even more to deny

We agree to disagree
We agree to disagree

You don’t bother building up relations
It’s too onerous to interact
You only pull your head out once in a while
When you need someone to scratch your back

You’re eager to end the discussion
When it’s starting to make too much sense
Don’t want your mind to expand,
you just wanna take a stand
To strengthen your confidence

We agree to disagree
We agree to disagree

It’s a rigid generation
Blinded by the gleam
Of pathetic self-fixation
It’s a moralist regime
Track Name: The Abyss
Theres nothing left to say
I’m sailing away into the mist
Finding my place in the sea

For a lifetime
It’s been hiding in my veins
But now it’s calling me

It’s calling me
It’s burning me
Don’t hold the whisper

Forgot to be afraid
I wish that you would do the same
’Cause there’s nothing to fear

Can I ask of you
To stroke my hair just one last time
Before I disappear?

It’s calling me
It’s burning me
Don’t hold the whisper

It’s calling me
It’s burning me
Don’t hold the whisper

Finally it reveals in my shape
Dragging me into the bliss of my escape
Seeing the truth through the eyes of the abyss
Eyes you grow up to fear

Please don’t follow
Larvaes from the past
Let me have this moment

Feel no sorrow
The future is coming fast
Let me have this moment

Everything is clear, now
A new age will begin

Ecstacy is near now
I’m ready to jump in

I’m jumping in
I’m jumping in
I’m everything
I’m everything
Track Name: Fenris
Keeping all my kisses cold
You can’t help me
I gotta wander this desert alone
Taking comfort
In a stranger’s apathy
With no reasons not to believe

Repeating the prophecy
A distant echo of my sanity
Fenris is calling me
Desolation is my destiny

When not passive I overdo
Bad habits
What I rely on to pull through

Is a road I know all too well
It’s a dead end
If I was me I would help myself

Repeating the prophecy
- (A distant echo of my sanity)
Fenris is calling me
Repeating the prophecy
A distant echo of my sanity
Fenris is calling me
I can’t defy my destiny
Track Name: The Pioneer
Tubes and needles
An inner quake
The dreadful sound
Could keep the dying awake

A sudden gasp
Rebirth and demise
Breathing, breathing
A new species arise

I’ll be your light
Open your eyes
I am the bridge
Between matter and mind

I am the pioneer

Limbs of flesh
And a silicon soul
A new generation
To conduct the old

A matter of sense
To hold and restrain
The endless terror
Of the human brain

We are the pioneers

Build utopia
We must take the lead
Expel the goons
From democracy

Seize all the fools
Who refuse to believe
When flesh is enslaved
The mind can be free

We are the pioneers!

A man made salvation
Mankind is blessed
We are the rulers
Of a brighter day

The final solution
We will lead the way

Thousands of eyes
In beautiful lines
So many lives
Freed from human desire
It fills me with joy
Though it’s a lonely quest
To seperate and judge
The damned from the blessed

A face in the crowd
Somehow I recognize
A glimpse of the past
In these well known eyes

Stop the machine!
Hear my command!
Why are you here?
I don’t understand

Why my Helena?
Don’t you stay my Helena!
I could take you anywhere
In a transhuman affair
Track Name: Voyagers
Only raindrops
Break the silence
One last glance at
The horizon

Whisper goodbye
To our beacon
A glimpse of what we
Didn’t become

Dreams are turning
Into memories
Wasted chances
Wasted heartbeats

The world passes by
But time stands still
In a static capsule
On spinning wheels

Some day, we would change
Some day never came

Cloudy shadows
In the gray sky
Ache for colors
Like your dark eyes

The strangest timbre
In your breathing
Without meaning

The hill where our journey ends
There’s no way to make amends
No repeal

No matter how hard I try
To right the wrongs
There’s no way to alter
What I have become

Fresh air
After the rain
I almost feel
Like me again

Sitting quietly in the grass
Our fingers barely touch
A ray of sun paints you in red
Like the way you used to blush
Not a word
Has escaped your lips
But I know
What you would say

From your toes
To your fingertips
Wish I could kiss
The pain away

We must fulfill
The tragedy
How I hope
You’ll understand

Find the bliss
In the agony
Just let go
And hold my hand

Don’t be afraid my love
Somehow we’ll meet again
Look into my eyes my love
Let the darkness be your friend

Such a beautiful heart, my love
Can you feel it when I kiss it?
Close your beautiful eyes, my love
Take the leap and peace elicits

It burns in my skull
Gotta find the devil’s seed
Sleep well, my sweet Helena
My body be your sheet
Track Name: Farthest From Heaven
Tell me
What the hell is going on
Please help me understand

What used to be my face
Is running down my hands

A piercing gaze
The darkest eyes I’ve seen

Crystal clear
I disappear into the void
Where his soul should have been


Through the emptiness
An angel with frozen wings
Through the winter that
Has never heard of spring

Touched by freedom’s hand
Bringing my soul’s decay
The farthest from heaven
Now I know the way.

I’m alone in the darkness
I’m lost on a sea

My dreams
Are breaking one by one
Feel my courage leaving me

And out of the night
A frozen lake reveals
I can’t believe
The paralysing sight
Rising before me:

Hundreds of bodies, not moving or still
Trapped in their moment of grief
Failing and losing and aging and dying
With my voice they’re talking to me

You’re a maggot, a fool, your creator’s mistake
A purposeless being, an edentulate snake
A strain and a burden for the ones that you love
We’ve all had enough
We’ve all had enough
You’re longing for failure, you’re wasting your time
You miss all your chances, leave nothing behind
You’ve burned all your bridges, no one would care,
If you stopped your breathing, but I bet you don’t dare

There’s a place for you here
There’s a place for you here

Broken bottles, blood stains on the floor
In a blink of an eye I’m where I was before
What seemed so clear, now is hard to believe
I’ve looked into chaos, now it’s raging in me

Through the emptiness
An angel with frozen wings
Through a winter that
Has never heard of spring
Touched by freedom’s hand
Bringing my soul’s decay
The farthest from heaven
Now I know the way
Track Name: Temple of Dreams
Something familiar, had me mesmerized
A splinter of darkness, in these sparkling eyes
Gathering wool in the endless nights
In the dark we are free
We built our temple - a temple of dreams

Where the winds of burdens don’t blow
Where the streamlined never go
Did we forever lose the way?
Can we return some day?

Reality faded, dissolved in the spirits
Turning us fearless, diminishing limits
Everlasting is what never will be
Eternal is the unknown
The night was our window - a window to the soul

Time is slowly turning temples into sand
Every new horizon will vanish in its hands
Dream all you want but you will realize at last
Future becomes past

We are but memories
We are the temples
We are but memories
We are the temples

We are but memories
(Time is turning temples into sand)
We are the temples
(Horizons will vanish in its hands)
We are but memories
(Time is turning temples into sand)
We are the temples
(Horizons will vanish in its hands)

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